Community Tools

The TARRC would like to help community leaders meet the needs of Texans on the autism spectrum and fully integrate them into community life. The following tools are available to communities at no cost.

For First Responders

Autism Spectrum Disorder Recognition and Response Training for First Responders

The Texas Autism Research and Resources Center provides an online autism spectrum disorder (ASD) recognition and response training to first responders including law enforcement, fire rescue, and emergency medical services (EMT). First responders are trained to effectively address the unique communication and behavioral needs of people with ASD in daily encounters and emergency situations. The training is free to first responders.

To access the training click here.

For questions or assistance, contact the TARRC at or at 512-438-5356.

Community Assessment

The Texas Community Assessment and Planning Toolkit (CAPT) for Autism Services

The Community Assessment and Planning Toolkit (CAPT) was developed to help community leaders assess and, where necessary, plan to improve the way their community welcomes and supports Texans with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other disabilities, as well as identify how those people contribute to their community.

The primary objective of CAPT is to provide a planning framework for communities to ensure they provide effective and adequate services and supports to people with ASD and their families.

CAPT provides an open-ended planning process that encourages users to develop a shared vision for the future, which incorporates multiple perspectives of community stakeholders, and which supports development of a meaningful plan of action.

There is no charge to use the CAPT.

Community leaders with question regarding the CAPT can contact the TARRC at or at 512-438-5356.

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Updated: July 13, 2022